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Just Do It (Nike Knows Best)

How many times have you said “ONE DAY”?

Well, I’m done saying “one day.”  Today is the day to start doing all those things that I have either put off thinking “one day I’ll get to it” or that honestly, I’m just too afraid to try.  As cliche as it is, life is too short, so I am going to start living a little bit more- starting today.  Welcome to my adventure.  And feel free to join me- a partner in crime is always more fun!
In no particular order, here are some things that I plan, NO, not plan, that I will be doing!!!
Write a Book (I’ve had a children’s book written for years now… but, haven’t done anything with it.  Stay tuned!)
Horseback Riding Lessons (this has been on my list for over 20 years.  Every time I write out my “one day” list- this is on there.  Now I need to do it!)
Karoke ( I CAN NOT SING.  No really.  I can not sing and I know it.  And bad singing just makes my eyes tear up.  But, it doesn’t seem to hold other people back.  So, watch out Clermont- here I come.)
Stand Up Comedy  (Now this is terrifying.  My sister has always wanted to do it. She would be great too!  So, this one is 2-fold.  I’ll get her to finally give it a shot and I’ll embarrass myself in the meantime.)
Fashion Freedom (How many times have you read Vogue or Cosmopolitan and seen these crazy, off the wall fashion styles, hair styles that make you go “hmmm?” or make up colors that are like, really?  Who can pull that off in real life? Well, I’m trying it out- in real life… crazy looks are heading my way 🙂
Learn to Drive a Motorcycle (This is just scary to me!)
Make a Movie (My sister and I have talked about putting our ideas down for years to write the script… but, we just keep waiting.  No more!!!!!)
Sky Diving (No promises here… this was on my list for SO long.  But, the older I get, the less this seems appealing.  It just seems dangerous and crazy.  Wow- I sound old.  Keep you posted on this one… I may chicken out.)
Volunteer More! (I volunteer here an there, but not enough.  There are so many people out there that have far less than me and I want to give back.  Just do it.  Yes, Nike really has something there.  JUST DO IT!)
Triathalon (or at least a mini one.  I’ve always wanted to do this, not sure what’s stopping me.)
Speak French (Oui, I took French in H.S. and college, but I want to be fluent…. no excuse here other than just putting it off.  Il n’y a plus “No More”).
Speak Spanish (What- you thought I would stop at just two languages.  No.  I want to be trilingual.  Again, no excuse other than lazy.  Well, no mas “No More”)
I know I’m missing a few.  But, I think this is a good start.  So, Cheers!  Yes, I am raising my glass of Pinot right now, so do it with me!  And let’s toast to trying new things and living life to its fullest.
Wish me luck 🙂

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