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You Can’t Un-know What You Know

This list can be overwhelming for sure. I’m not a scientist. I assume that if something is FDA approved, it’s good for me to use—sadly, that’s not true. Am I throwing out all of my favorite make-up and skincare products immediately?—no (I’m not that strong.) But, I am making small changes and paying more attention to what I use and what I allow my daughter to use.

That’s why part of my health journey now includes Beautycounter, a company dedicated to delivering skincare and makeup, free of over 1500 toxins—yes, 1500 (crazy, I know). I’m all about making small changes for a big impact but it’s all about progress, not perfection. So, if I can make a few changes to my skincare regimen that I know are good for me, why not? I learned about these super safe products last year and I have not stopped thinking about them since. Also the mission behind the company was the selling point for me. I cannot get behind a product or company if I don’t believe in it and feel a genuine connection.

One of their products that really sold me was the Cleansing Balm — it removes makeup, hydrates, and acts as an overnight mask. Seriously, it cuts out like three steps from my nighttime routine, saving me time and making my skin glow — it’s a no brainer.

Follow along as I share my progress, try new products and let me know if you’d like to get some into your hands.

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